Lifestyle Re-Design: Moving Towards Freedom

We are ready for a new adventure.  After seven busy years of working and raising a family, we recently took a step back, looked at our surroundings, and realized that time had passed in a whirl-wind.  Some of the ideas and dreams that we had shared before having children had been happily put aside, and now we were ready to revisit these aspirations and invent a new plan that involved two additional little people.


We are working towards the goal of simplifying our lives in order to be free. Free from the snare of our possessions.  Free to explore.  Free to travel.  Free to relocate.  Or to start a new business.  Free to spend more time with our loved ones and be truly present with them.  To experience new adventures with our children, while they are still young.

It means that we must step back from our pursuit of chasing the traditional American dream and create a new dream.

And it has begun with simplification, a cleansing of our unnecessary possessions.  For six months we have talked, planned, and begun to take steps that inch us closer to our goal.  We have started routing our path, budgeting our anticipated expenses, and building up our savings.  Fifteen months from now we plan to be living in a smaller, more simplified home or motor home and traveling the United States on the first leg of our journey.

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What would be your ideal lifestyle, or are you currently living it?