Preparing to Rent Out Your Home

Thinking about becoming a landlord?  Many homeowners are choosing to hang on to their properties rather than selling with the current market conditions.  Do you know what considerations are needed to rent out your home?

MSN Real Estate posted a good article entitled 5 Steps to Renting Out Your Home that will give you some good information to think about before renting, including rent amount, property insurance, property management, updating, and home status.

For anyone considering renting out their home, townhome, or condo in Schaumburg, please keep in mind that the Village requires you to obtain a Rental License as well as attending a two day Crime Free Housing Seminar presented by the Schaumburg Police Department.

If you are considering renting your home in Schaumburg or the Northwest Suburbs, and need assistance finding tenants, please contact me:

Jennifer Vargas
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