The Juggling Act of Life, Work, and Motherhood


It seems that everyone can relate to the juggling act that is life.  Work, bills, children, family obligations, health, church, events, vacations…the list is endless.  We are inundated with messages that tell us “If we only read this book or this blog or buy this phone app”, we will be guaranteed success at managing the chaos.  It is never one single solution for me, but a combination of ideas and resources that keep me moving toward simplification and time management.

Over and over I have tried to juggle all the aspects of my days and weeks and keep everything flowing in an orderly manner.  And over and over I’ve dropped the ball on many of those items.  Why is that?  Probably because I keep adding new balls to my juggling act, and seldom take one away.

As soon as I decide I need to spend more time cooking healthier meals, or doing more marketing for my business, or repainting the house, ironically, I drop most of the other balls in my life.  And the essential ones, my children and family, are the ones that suffer.

After observing my endless lists of tasks that are certain to lead to the perfect life, it keeps coming down to the same old story:  The need to focus on the important, essential items and simplify the juggling act.  It is not quitting, giving up, or failing…I like to think of it as smart and sensible changes that will improve my life and my family’s happiness.

After all, life is about living meaningful lives.  And full doesn’t necessarily equal meaningful.